[Non-ELS] 2018 Police Dodge Charger [Add-On] [FiveM Compatible] Red|Blue Blue|Blue. by BIG SmoK3. April 5, 2020. in GTA 5 Cars. 0. Home GTA 5 Mods GTA 5 Cars - Can go Totally Unmarked, and Marked, By way of Extras - Working, Moveable Driver Aspect Highlight Use Shift and Management or 8, 5 on keypad
2018 Dodge Demon H.E.A.T. Vehicle Non-ELS | FiveM-Ready ===== Extras/Components: Extra_1 Lightbar Extra_2 Visor Lights Extra_3 Dash Lights Extra_4 Left Spotlight Extra_5 Right Spotlight Extra_6 Right Spotlight Down Extra_7 Setina Pushbar Extra_8 Pushbar Wraparound Extra_9 Rear Decklight Extra_10 Roof Antenna